Talent Management

Introducing a modern approach to athlete representation, AP Sports offers a client-friendly fee structure. With this structure, we ensure that our clients are getting more value for what they pay and seeing tangible results every time. For the modern athlete, everything is personalized, from apparel to training plans, why should management be any different? 

Talent Management

Designed to manage all facets of clients' careers off the field, starting from the day they turn professional through post-career endeavors, including broadcasting, coaching, and business ventures. 

 Talent Marketing 

Develops athletes' individual brands through a personalized approach and innovative partnerships. AP Sports expertise includes: Endorsements, Public Relations Campaigns, Personal Appearances, Speaking Engagements, TV Appearances, Licensing, Literary, Memorabilia, and Social Media by working with athletes, brands, agencies, and PR firms. 

 Business Ventures

In order to stay at the forefront of an evolving sports marketing landscape,AP Sports has developed a unique partnership with QC Sports, a venture capital and talent management firm.  QC Sports further empowers AP Sports clients to be entrepreneurs by working with startups, tech, media and more. 

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